Saturday, November 11, 2006

Time to Revise the Advisory Committee System

From an editorial by ADFG Deputy Commissioner Wayne Regelin in Alaska Wildlife News:

"The Local Fish and Game Advisory Committee system is an essential part of the Board of Fisheries and Board of Game process. It provides an effective mechanism for citizen involvement in the fish and game regulatory process.

The advisory committee system was established in 1959 by the First Alaska State Legislature. Over time, the number of committees has grown without limits or any overall plan. Consequently, today we have an unwieldy 81 advisory committees on the books. Some advisory committees represent numerous villages over extensive areas while others represent single small villages in close proximity to other villages that also have an advisory committee. Some small communities have a difficult time maintaining active advisory committees. Presently, 17 of the 81 committees are inactive and some have been inactive for many years."

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