Friday, April 08, 2011

Statewide Ban on Felt Soles in 2012

Statewide Ban on Felt Soles in 2012

The Alaska Board of Fisheries unanimously passed a proposal at the March meeting to extend the time-frame anglers have before the ban on all felt-soled waders goes into effect. Felt soles have been widely used on waders for better traction while fishing, but the felt can stay damp for long periods and allow invasive species to survive on waders between fishing grounds. This proactive step by the Board seeks to prevent an occurrence of any invasive species being transported to Alaska via felt soles.

This ban is occurring in other places and a growing number of wader manufacturers are discontinuing felt soles and now offer quality alternatives.

Editor's note: It is your responsibility to know the current sportfishing regulations!  Emergency orders always supercede the current regulations. For current and updated sportfishing regulations, and emergency orders, visit the ADFG sportfishing regulations web page before fishing.

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