Friday, March 12, 2010

Help Support our Troops

The 4th Annual Armed Services Combat Fishing tournament is scheduled for May 27, 2010 in Seward, Alaska. An annual event since 2006, the event is supported by over 30 charter vessels, the tournament is a show of support for our military who have served our nation with honor in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of war. The tournament was started in May of 2007 by local businessmen Capt. Bob Candopoulos, owner of Saltwater Safari Company and his friend, Keith Manternach, owner of Specialty Truck & Auto. It has become the largest event of its kind in the country. If you'd like to make a donation, CLICK HERE.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Chitina dipnet fishery declared a personal use fishery by the Alaska Board of Fisheries

Chitina Dipnet Fishery Declared a 'personal use' fishery by Alaska Board of Fisheries 

This March, the Alaska Board of Fisheries, with a 6 - 0 vote, reaffirmed the decision not to classify Copper River dipnetters as "subsistence" users. Chitina dipnetting will be a personal-use fishery subject to allocation restrictions in the event of poor salmon runs.

Board of Game & Board of Fisheries News

Alan Barette of Fairbanks rejected by legislature to sit on Alaska Board of Game 

Alan Barrette, a member of the Fairbanks Fish & Game Advisory Committee and owner of a local fur tannery, was appointed to the Alaska Board of Game by Governor Parnell in February to replace member Bob Bell.
Barrette sat on the Board during the Spring 2010 Region III meeting in Fairbanks, and voted on proposals, but was narrowly rejected for confirmation in April by a joint session of the Alaska legislature by a 31-27 vote.
Legislators indicated that the high volume of letters, emails, and testimony opposing Barrette, from non-consumptive users as well as hunters and guides, played a major role among those who voted in opposition to his confirmation.
Governor Parnell has not yet named another appointee.
Visit the Alaska Board of Game website for information on upcoming meetings and calls for proposals.

Board of Fisheries chairman Claude "Vince" Webster to serve  another 3-year term - new Board member from Talkeetna

Governor Parnell reappointed chairman Webster, of King Salmon, to the Board of Fisheries and he was confirmed by the legislature for another 3-year term.
Thomas Kluberton, of Talkeetna, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the legislature, is the newest member of the Board of Fisheries. He replaces Howard Delo of Big Lake.

 Board of Fisheries member Janet Woods resigns

Janet Woods, the lone interior member on the Alaska Board of Fisheries, unexpectedly resigned in late March, less than a year after being appointed. Woods did not participate at the recent March meeting in Anchorage, citing work commitments, and was not yet confirmed by the Alaska legislature.
Governor Parnell has not yet named a replacement.
Visit the Alaska Board of Fisheries website for information on upcoming meetings and calls for proposals.