Monday, February 12, 2007

ADFG Considering Limited Entry for Fishing Guides

The Alkaska Division of Sport Fisheries is considering the option of a limited entry system for sport fishing guides and is looking for public comment.

On the ADFG website they have written this:

"The first step in this process would require that limited entry become part of the management "tool box" through legislative action. This is followed by the establishment of a Sport Fish Limited Entry commission or panel through which the details of a sport fish charter/guide "permit" would be outlined. Details and the criteria of a limited entry program may be managed by ADF&G, CFEC or a newly established Sport Fish Entry commission.

ADF&G has established a Limited Entry Task Force represented by both freshwater and saltwater guides from around the state. This group is tasked with working as liaisons between ADF&G and the industry. In an early December meeting, the task force agreed that ADF&G should have limited entry as a management tool and would further assist in drafting the legislative language that would be introduced to the legislature in 2007."

You can read the entire special issue page here >>>

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