Monday, May 29, 2006

Copper River Dipnetting Closed Until At Least June 5

ADFG reports "The Chitina Subdistrict will remain closed until at least Monday June 5. Due to late breakup conditions, salmon migration into the Copper River is approximately two weeks delayed. It is anticipated that fish passage past the Miles Lake sonar will be sufficient to allow a personal use fishery opening during the week of June 5 – 11. The duration of this opening will be announced after May 29th."

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SE Fishing Guides & Charter Crews Cannot Keep Fish

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced that "sport fishing charter operators, guides and crew are prohibited from retaining any fish species while paying clients are on board the vessel. This regulation change became effective at 12:01 A.M. Friday May 26, 2006." This applies to the marine waters of Southeast Alaska

The regulation reads "A sport fishing guide and sport fishing crew member working on a charter vessel in the salt waters of Southeast Alaska, excluding the Yakutat area may not retain fish while clients are on board the vessel."

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King Salmon Fishing Regs Liberalized near Juneau

ADFG announced recently that king salmon regulations have been liberalized in part of the marine waters near Juneau. The relaxed regulations will be in effect through June 30, 2006.

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USFS & Anchor Point Chamber host kids' fishing events on Saturday June 10

The Chugach National Forest Glacier Ranger District is hosting a Youth Fishing Day for kids 15 years and younger at Moose Flats, 1 mile (approx.) down Portage Valley Highway on the left. This year's event will take place on Saturday, June 10 from 11:00am-2:00pm.

An all-accesible pier and picnic tables are available. The USFS says "Bring your pole and get some fishing tips from the Forest Service experts."

Further down the Kenai, the Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce is hosting another kids' fishing event on the same day. (Check to confirm the date; the website says both June 10 and June 11)

The Chamber says there will be "a big fish contest and casting contests with the large fish going on to state and national competition, plus locally sponsored prizes. All events are free to kids under the age of 16. Enjoy the picnic provided for contestants and families."

2006 Sport Fishing regulations errors noted

The Division of Sport Fish has noted three errors in the 2006 sport fishing regulations. The areas affected are the Upper Kenai, and Prince William Sound.

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Kodiak's Pillar Creek opened for kings in June & July

A portion of Kodiak Island's Pillar Creek has been opened to fishing for king salmon this summer, according to an Alaska Department of Fish and Game news release. Only kings may be kept. Fishing can begin on June first, and ends on July 31st.

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ADFG Requests Tagged Rainbow Reports

The Division of Sport Fish is requesting angler reports of tagged rainbow trout in Willow Creek, north of Wasilla, and other Susitna drainages.

"Although Willow Creek supports a popular rainbow trout fishery, the number of trout spawning in Willow Creek is unknown," the ADFG news release noted. "The goal of the study is to collect information to help the Division sustain the fishery through appropriate management."

"Tagged rainbow trout may move to other tributaries of the Susitna River. Anyone catching a tagged rainbow trout is asked to note the tag number and contact the Division of Sport Fish with the number plus the location and date of capture. Please do not remove the tag from the fish."

Thursday, May 18, 2006

King regs liberalized near Stikine

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) announced recently that sport fishing regulations for king salmon will be liberalized in the marine waters of District 8 near Petersburg and Wrangell from May 1 through July 15, 2006.

In January the Alaska Board of Fisheries (Board) approved a Stikine River king salmon management plan for commercial and sport fisheries in District 8. For sport anglers, this management plan includes provisions to liberalize the sport fishery in years when an allowable catch exists for Stikine River king salmon. The liberalized sport fishing regulations will be in effect in the salt waters of Sections 8-A and 8-B. Read the entire news release (with maps) >>>

Southeast Alaska rockfish regulation announcement

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has made a correction to an announcement issued Monday May 8th that established the sport fishing bag and possession limits, mandatory retention and a nonresident annual limit established for non-pelagic rockfish (demersal shelf rockfish) for the 2006 season. The correction is for yelloweye rockfish. The following regulations become effective 12:01 A.M. May 16, 2006. The regulations are:

Ø The resident and nonresident bag limit is three non-pelagic rockfish only one of which can be a yelloweye; all non-pelagic rockfish caught must be retained until the bag limit is reached.

Ø The nonresident annual limit is three yelloweye rockfish.

Ø Charter operators and crewmembers may not retain non-pelagic rockfish while clients are on board the vessel.

These regulations apply in all marine waters of Southeast Alaska as a means to keep regulations consistent, avoid angler confusion, and make enforcement easier.

The Board of Fisheries during the February 2006 meeting cited biological concerns over recent sport fishery harvests of non-pelagic rockfish (demersal shelf rockfish) and adopted provisions for the sport fishery to curtail harvest. The Board allocated 16% of the total allowable biological catch to the sport fishery which equates to 66 metric tons for the 2006 season. The provisions being instituted for the 2006 season are anticipated to reduce the non-pelagic rockfish harvest by 30-35% from 2004-2005 levels. Read the news release >>>

Rainbow bag reduced in Anchorage area waters

Effective Saturday, May 13, the bag and possession limit for rainbow trout in Anchorage’s stocked lakes and streams will be reduced to 2 per day, 2 in possession. Only one trout may be 20 inches or longer.

In past years, over 106,000 rainbows were released every year into Anchorage area waters, according to Dan Bosch, Assistant Area Management Biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. This year, only one-third of that amount, or about 35,000 fish, is available for Anchorage due to the loss of warm water at the state fish hatcheries.

With such low numbers available for stocking, the department wants to allow anglers to fish them, but limit the harvest to help ensure good fishing throughout the summer. On the bright side, this summer’s rainbow trout will be much larger than other years, about 12 inches long, and they will weigh about half a pound at the time they are released. Bosch expects these larger fish to be very popular this summer. Read entire news release >>>

Bristol Bay sport fishing outlook released

The Division of Sport Fisheries has released its 2006 management outlook for sport fishing in the Bristol Bay area. The publication lists watersheds and indicates what anglers can likely expect this season.

The report says, "The Bristol Bay Management Area contains some of the world's most productive waters for all five species of Pacific salmon as well as rainbow trout, Arctic grayling, Arctic char, and Dolly Varden. Anglers can also find northern pike, lake trout, burbot, and several species of whitefish. Popular major drainages include the Nushagak/ Mulchatna rivers, the Wood River lakes system, the Kvichak River and Lake Iliamna, the Naknek River and the Togiak River. The major rivers and lakes, as well as the many smaller tributaries, provide unparalleled angling opportunities."

Small section of Kenai River closed to fishing

The Alaska Division of Commercial Fisheries is operating a smolt counting trap near Mile 45 of the Kenai River, and has closed that area of the watershed to sport fishing through June 25.

The trap and sonar equipment are anchored to the river bottom so waters within 300 feet will be off limits. ADFG is recommending caution in the area because of the anchoring cables.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chitina dipnet opening scheduled

The first opening of the 2006 Copper River Chitina Subdistrict Personal Use Dipnet Salmon Fishery is tentatively scheduled to open on Saturday, June 3rd at 12:01 PM and close on Sunday, June 4th at 8:00 PM for a 32-hour opening., according to an Alaska Department of Fish and Game news release.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Revised fishing forum available for posting

After years of using the same forum software, the Alaska Outdoors Forums have installed a new system, vBulletin, to accomodate the increasing numbers of visitors to

The new system offers a variety of thread views and a many more options for users to configure their own views of the forum.

The existing forums will continue to operate for some weeks while staff observes the new forum software. Eventually the old forums will be made "read only" so they can be used for archives.